If you have a chimney as part of your roof, it is imperative to get it checked out regularly to make sure it is safe and secure and also free from potential repairs.

A leaking roof for instance could stem from a chimney that needs to be repointed. Weather and storm damage can take its toll on your chimney and from time to time the mortar may become weathered or decayed and needs to be boosted to prevent it from cracking, falling off and water penetrating the voids.

Chimney crowns, pots and cowls also need to be repaired should they be broken or cracked.

The repointing of a large chimney stack can be costly if it has been left for years so it is always a good idea to keep an eye on it and repair it once it is a little problem. Prices vary according to the size of the chimney, the access to it and whether it is at the end or the middle of the roof, eaves or ridge height.

At Stay Dry Roofing Solutions, our objective is to ensure your chimney is first of all safe for you, your family and passers by.

If you sense there may be a problem with your chimney or neighbours have pointed out a problem, get the chimney looked at as soon as possible.

If you have a chimney that is no longer used because of conventional heating then give us a call, our team will be able to remove it and make sure your roof is left safe, secure and watertight.

Our chimney and leadwork services are available throughout Central London to both residential and commercial customers.

All of our work is fully guaranteed, we provide scaffolding as standard on all jobs and will ensure we discard of any rubbish and unwanted materials once the job is completed, so you don´t have to.

So, don´t delay, for all chimney work call in the experts today at Stay Dry Roofing Solutions on , we await your call.

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